LIVE EXAMPLE's DEMOS BY Avimantra IT Academy

5.How to Create Dynamic Image Gallery with jQuery, PHP & MySQL ?

An image gallery is a very common feature for the web application. Image gallery or photo gallery is an efficient way to showing the set of pictures. Image gallery allows the user to access all images from throughout website in one place. If you have a requirement to implement a photo gallery on the website, our source code will help you to do it easily within less time. In this tutorial, we will show how you can create a dynamic image gallery in PHP with MySQL database. Also, we will integrate image gallery popup using jQuery fancyBox plugin in this photo gallery. The fancyBox popup plugin helps to show the large size images from the gallery on a popup when the user clicks on the image.

6.How to send OTP sms using PHP ?

SMS API integration is the way to integrate SMS services on your panels like website, software, CRM etc. SMS API integration is the easiest way to send automated SMSs directly from your platform. If we take an example of e-commerce sites almost every e-commerce platform have integrated SMS API for different uses but the use of SMS API is user verification through OTP. When we about to make any transaction from e-commerce website they asked for the mobile number for verification after entering the number we get SMS with four or six digits combination of numbers that we have to enter on the platform then only we able to make an online transaction. Use this API to verify user identity (mobile verification) or possession of a device (OTP/two-factor authentication): 1.Send an SMS verification code - generate a secret code and send it to the user's phone. 2.Verify the code - check the user's input against the code you just sent.

7.Generate SEO Friendly URL from String in PHP ?

Uses of the SEO friendly URL helps to improve the search engine ranking. Also, the search engine friendly URL gives an idea about the web page content. The different between normal URL and SEO friendly URL is given below.
Noraml URL:

It clearly shows that the SEO URL is more human-friendly than the normal URL. From SEO URL the user can get a clear idea on what will be on the web page they are clicking.If you want to increase your website ranking on Search Engines and make more user-friendly, you need to switch to the SEO friendly URL.

8.Email Verification ?

When you verify an user e-mail address you're sure that:
=>It's a real person (even if you use captcha, it's safer).
=>It's the real user's e-mail address.
You can use that e-mail always you need to confirm that user who is using your site is the very owner of that account (for example when you need confirmation before user make an action). You can use that e-mail always you need to send a private information (because you're sure that the owner of that e-mail is the real owner of the account).