LIVE EXAMPLE's DEMOS BY Avimantra IT Academy

25.Stripe Payment Gateway Integration in PHP

Integrate a Stripe Payment Gateway with PHP. Stripe is a payment gateway that is becoming increasingly popular in the Web industry. It offers
payment processing services, which can be easily integrated into your Web application using the Stripe API

26.How to integrate the SMS API from PHP

A SMS API is well-defined software interface which enables code to send short messages via a SMS Gateway. ... SMS APIs are used to allow web applications to easily send and receive text messages through logic written for standard web frameworks. The term “API” is used both to refer to the documentation that explains to programmers exactly how requests and responses will be formed (the “API specification”) as well as the actual service offered using this API.

28.How to Create Tiny Url Using PHP.

TinyURL is a URL shortening web service, which provides short aliases for redirection of long URLs. The TinyURL homepage includes a form which is used to submit a long URL for shortening. For each URL entered, the server adds a new alias in its hashed database and returns a short URL such as in the following page. If the URL has already been requested, TinyURL will return the existing alias ..